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At 00:25 20/02/2008, Alex Rousskov wrote:
> We had many problems on Windows in the past during the C++ refactoring.

Do you still have those problems (we do use many capitalization styles
right now)? Or is mixed case only a problem when we rename/move things
and then there is no problem once things settle down? If it is the
latter, then polishing capitalization (e.g., converting all dirs to
lower_case) would create problems for you again!

The problem was generated from file names different only in the case, like file.cc and File.cc: for the Windows file system they are the same file, but not for Linux/Unix.

Currently there are no special problems, the only annoying thing is that sometime CVS doesn't like the case of a file, but deleting it and running CVS again fixes the problem

Changing the case of files/dir will not be a problem if we will avoid upper/lower case collisions.



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