Hi guys

I'd like to ask you for a suggestion..

I'm running SQUID 3.4.8 under Rasberry PI3 (Rasbian Jesse) - proxy server
"intercept" mode (with iptables forwarding rule to 3128).

I've created ACL for devices (ipad, mobiles...) - time based, because I
need to allow Internet connection restricted at some hours only to some
children devices.

The proxy works quite well.. it stops correctly HTTP...but... I'm facing an
issue with HTTPS:
Infact.. all http:\\addresses are stopped.. but for example
https:\\www.google.com not..

1. How can I stop both http and https?
2. In case I'd like to compile a new squid version.. like the 3.5.21 on
Rasbian Jesse.. how can I do?

thx a lot for your feedback

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