On 17/09/2016 9:41 p.m., --Ahmad-- wrote:
> Hi Amos thanks for the reply 
> so indeed I’m only interested with connection between the proxy and the 
> website that I’m visiting .
> all what I’m care is the website i visit don’t see any headers that indicate 
> that I’m coming from a proxy 
> i also tried with x-cache-header but i still see it in my firefox .

As I said. Your firefox details are irrelevant. That is about a
completely different TCP connection to what goes to the website server.

> i have final question 
> can i have squid proxy that the website that i visit see it exactly as I’m 
> using socks5 ???

SOCKS is not HTTP. Squid is an HTTP proxy.

If you want a cup of wine, you dont pour yourself a cup of orange juice.

SOCKS is about proxying TCP packets. If you want that level of
transparency, then use it. Don't use Squid.


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