On 18/09/2016 2:48 a.m., --Ahmad-- wrote:
> Hi squid Guys!
> i noticed something .
> If i run SMP with 800 ips/listening ports …..squid work if i run like
> 900 ports with SMP it work
> i think if i was close to the # 1000 or 1024

You are pushing Squid far outside its normal operating conditions.
Expect weird things to happen ...

> the SMP don’t work and i began to have “kid registration timeout “
> is there a squid version that i can run squid with SMP like 10
> workers with like 3000 ips /opened sessions without having the issue
> “registration kid timeout “” ???

What is this "opened sessions" thing you speak of?

Listening sockets are not "sessions" by any definition of session I've
ever heard of.

> i sure its squid limitation

"kid registration timeout" from many listening port registrations is
more likely a UDS kernel level limitation. There are limits to how many
UDS packets can be sent through the kernel UDS bus.

> i  tested it on 3.5.2
> i hope the newer versions fix it

Maybe, maybe not. There have been optimizations done on other things
that more commonly lead to the registration timeout message. Too many
listening sockets has not been mentioned before.


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