On 09/21/2016 07:53 AM, Jasper Van Der Westhuizen wrote:
> I have been having some problems with Squid using
> 100% CPU at times which impacts my users browsing experience. 

Sustained 100% CPU load at ~100/s rates with regular traffic on
reasonable hardware is a sign (albeit not a proof!) of a Squid bug
(including long searches and similar optimization problems).

> During the last time I had a proxy servers CPU reach 100% I ran a
> cachemgr export and below is an extract.

Next time this happens, consider getting a stack trace or two from the
process showing sustained 100% CPU utilization. It is possible to do
that without killing the processes (at least on Linux). I do not have
step-by-step instructions, but you can find them. Make sure you run (or
at least use for getting the stack trace?) an unstripped Squid binary,
preferably built with --disable-optimizations.

If the place where Squid gets stuck is known, somebody may volunteer to
fix the corresponding code.

Good luck,


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