I can try to replicate the same configuration removing couple settings just to 
make it simpler to verify if the issue since it's similar to the next testing 
lab I have planned.
Can you give more detail about the OS? CentOS, Ubuntu, Other?
If it's a self compiled versions then "squid -v" output.
I have also seen that you are intercepting both http and https traffic, have 
you tried looking at the logs?

If you don't hear me from me fast enough just bump me with an email.


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I'm using squid's SMP functionality to distribute requests to many
squid instances and distribute workload to multiple processors.
However while running squid's workers after a while worker processes
crash with the error below and coordinator does not start them again:
FATAL: Ipc::Mem::Segment::open failed to
shm_open(/squid-cf__metadata.shm): (2) No such file or directory
Squid Cache (Version 3.5.20): Terminated abnormally.

Does a solution exists for this problem? (permissions are OK in /dev/shm)

When everything is OK coordinator listens to http_ports/https_port and
distributes connections to workers(at least that's the conclusion I
got from looking access.logs).
[root@squidbox ~]# netstat -nlp|grep squid
tcp        0      0      *
     LISTEN      7887/(squid-coord-1
tcp        0      0      *
     LISTEN      7887/(squid-coord-1
tcp        0      0      *
     LISTEN      7887/(squid-coord-1
tcp        0      0      *
     LISTEN      7887/(squid-coord-1
tcp        0      0      *
     LISTEN      7887/(squid-coord-1
udp        0      0     *
udp        0      0     *
udp        0      0     *
udp        0      0     *
udp        0      0     *

Also is my way of using SMP functionality correct, since I want to
distribute all connections between workers and to listen only specific

I have attached the squid.conf.


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