Well this has been a pretty amazing bit of learning that's for sure. Here's what I'm wanting to accomplish and it's been proving a challenge: Detect keywords (think DLP maybe) in http/https flows. I've got ecap and icap compiled in and working. My challenges:

a)with icap, it appears that the filter content adapters only work with responses, not requests....I need both. b)with icap, if I use the "echo" adapter I can see everything on the lo interface, but decoding it has proven fruitless for me c)with ecap, I configured per http://wiki.squid-cache.org/ConfigExamples/ContentAdaptation/eCAP, but I'm confused on the ecap_service line..examples show "ecap://www.vigos.com/ecap_gzip", but what do I put in? I thought I didn't need a service for ecap..do I point this to localhost or something?

Anyway thank you.
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