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Yes i get that error on many different sites same exact error about
host headers.
Also if you watch the TTL on the amazonaws url i provided it changes
from 3 to 5 to 10 seconds to 60 to 10 back and forth.
If you go online to an dns lookup site like kloth i see via kloth 5
seconds TTL

i get a different TTL value at different times, it appears they dont
have a set TTL but they change it often and it varies.
Right now it appears to be a ttl of 60 seconds as you found but
earlier and over the weekend it has shown 5 seconds and even AWS
support verified it can vary as low as 5 seconds.
That being said , when it is changing every 3-5 seconds which comes
and goes , squid gives the header forgery errors as shown before.

The time interval between client's and Squid's name lookup is measured in milliseconds. So, in most cases, the would not be false positives in environments where same cashing DNS server is used.

That specific issue you encounter except alert messages and Squid's inability to cache HTTP responses for "forged" HTTP requests?
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