I am using Ubuntu to configure squid proxy. My basic usage is to print a
splash page whenever user open the browser. I have used the example in the
following link :

My config file is as follows:

## addition for splash page active
external_acl_type session ipv4 concurrency=100 ttl=3 %SRC
/usr/lib/squid/ext_session_acl -T 60 -b /var/lib/squid/session.db
acl session_login external session LOGIN
acl session_is_active external session
acl clicked_login_url url_regex -i ^https://google.co.in/$
http_access allow clicked_login_url session_login
http_access deny !session_is_active
deny_info 511:/etc/squid3/splash.html session_is_active

But on running squid, i get the following error
FATAL: The session helpers are crashing too rapidly, need help!

Please tell me what's wrong with my configuration.
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