On 03/08/17 07:49, Lei Wen wrote:

I am setting up the transparent HTTP/HTTPS proxy cluster with whiltelist only, and stuck at having issue 'ERROR 500: Internal Server Error'. After couple days tuning and digging, I narrow down the problem to directive 'never_direct'.

After removing this line, the error message is gone. But seems sibling cache will only work for HTTP, HTTPS will not go to sibling.

Since the cache_peer config I gave you earlier did not help I'm afraid there is nothing else just involving config that will work either for that Squid version.

Your options are now to try a more recent Squid. Up to and including the Squid-5 latest development code.

If none of the newer code either works right away, or with the config I gave then your options are further decreased to hacking around on the code to figure out what is going on. Christos Tsantilas (<https://wiki.squid-cache.org/ChristosTsantilas>) is the main developer working on SSL-Bump, for assistance with code-level stuff a mail to squid-dev mailing list would be best.

Sorry that I cannot be of more help on this. I'm very interested in finding out what is going wrong for your use-case though - it should be working for sibling proxies.

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