On 09/08/17 05:15, Ralf Hildebrandt wrote:
* Marcus Kool <marcus.k...@urlfilterdb.com>:
I have only seen regex failing with such short RE on AIX.
what is your OS, distro, CPU and lib version ?

Ubuntu Linux LTS 16.04 (xenial)
x86_64 (amd64)

I guess you mean libc:
ii  libc6:amd64                            2.23-0ubuntu9

I see no issues with the optimised RE so my first guess is a libc bug.

The RE optimisation in Squid is inspired by the RE optimisation in ufdbGuard.
ufdbGuard optimises the RE a bit different and it looks like this:
I have tested this optimised RE on Ubuntu 16.04 and it works so maybe it is not 
a libc bug but a Squid bug.

BTW: why use regular expressions for a list of 10000+ _fixed_ URLs ?

What is the alternative?

ufdbGuard is a URL filter that converts a file with 10000 URLs to a database 
file that is optimised for fast lookups.
So all you need to do is configure a URL rewriter and you can filter those 
URLs, using fixed URLs not REs.


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