On 02/02/18 23:42, Peter Viskup wrote:
> Want to run multiple instances of Squid4 on the same server with
> different ports and one configuration file.
> Not sure whether (and how) the http_port and snmp_port options can be
> made as conditional options in squid.conf.
> At the moment it looks like it is not possible.

"conditional" on what exactly?

When run properly as multi-tenant instances with the -n namespace
separation the Squid instances know nothing about each other. So there
is no possible way to configure "I am X not Y" conditions.

That said the namespace is provided as a config macro for a reason.
Which is to make it possible to do this:

 include /etc/squid/${service_name}.conf

With the unique parts being in the per-service / instance config files.

Or you can do it the other way around, with -f parameters pointing each
instance at a unique master config file, each of which includes the
shared config file.

see <http://www.squid-cache.org/Versions/v3/3.5/RELEASENOTES.html#ss2.3>

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