Hello guys!

I'm having this weird issue since 2 month ago. Don't know why when some
body try to use Facebook Menssager (https://www.messenger.com) after login,
you can see all your contacts and messages, but inmediately shown red bar
with "Not Internet Connection" text. Its important to say that only happens
using https://www.messenger.com, if you uses
https://www.facebook.com/messages/ all works as expected.

I hope that any of you can test it in your environments???

Anyway my squid version is 3.5.12, I manage an Enterprise Network, so just
to be sure, I had tested with a clean Squid installation on our
virtualization cluster, and the results was the same.

I also tested it without Squid, to know if was caused by my ISP provider,
but browsing locally in the server where Squid are virtualized but with no
proxy, thing works as expected.

Tracing the request in the browser console, I found that URLs
https://6-edge-chat.messenger.com/p?partition or any orther number (1-, 2-,
3-, 4-) at the beginning are trowing ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED immediately and
looking into squid access log shown as TCP_TUNNEL/200 0 CONNECT
6-edge-chat.messenger.com:443 - HIER_DIRECT/ - and nothing

This is melting my brain. So please test it before to know if you have the
same problem

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