On 02/10/2018 10:03 AM, Yuri wrote:

> What is correct syntax for -M option?

The correct syntax is, roughly,

  -M <integer>[bytes|KB|MB|GB]

with "bytes" as the default unit.

However, you found a bug in the parsing code: The helper mishandles
values exceeding 2147483647 bytes (on most platforms) due to a signed
integer overflow in helper's parseBytesOptionValue().

Furthermore, I have not tested it, but I suspect there is at least one
bug in the mainline parseBytesOptionValue() code as well. Both functions
should be rewritten (even if the second one "works"), and the correct
format should be documented (including size limits).

> How to correctly specify -M with 2 Gb size?

You cannot specify that size until the above-mentioned bug is fixed.

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