I have googled for days and can't find the right settings to distribut outgoing requests over part on local IPs of my server.

This is my conf I built according to what I found on docs and forums:

Squid Cache: Version 4.0.17






acl Percent001 random 1/5
acl Percent002 random 1/5
acl Percent003 random 1/5
acl Percent004 random 1/5
acl Percent005 random 1/5

server_persistent_connections off

tcp_outgoing_address XX.3X.YYY.10 Percent001
tcp_outgoing_address XX.X3.YYY.21 Percent002
tcp_outgoing_address XX.5X.YYY.31 Percent003
tcp_outgoing_address XX.X9.YYY.34 Percent004
tcp_outgoing_address XX.5X.YYY.38 Percent005

balance_on_multiple_ip on

forwarded_for delete
via off

My problem is that this server as

- a main IP MA.IN.IP.00 of course

- a locahost of course

- some secondary IPs attached to the same interface as the main IP

The input traffic comes through one of the secondaries, and I need the output traffic to get out randomly through other secondaries IPs, not any squid traffic from the main IP.

When I look at the log, or using network tcpdump analyzer, I can see that there is squid outgoing traffic on this IP, and I can't find how to deny tcp_outgoing_address to be on the main IP.

I hope it's clear, and I need help after I searched for days many combinations.

Many thanks


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