Hi all,

I am new to configuring Squid as a forward proxy.
Not sure if squid can fullfill my need.
My client ( in this case a Windows 2016 server) needs to connect to the forward 
proxy (squid) which is residing in a DMZ.
The forward proxy needs to establish a new session to an external webserver on 
behalf of my client (Windows 2016 server) using mutual authentication (both 
client and server need to authenticate using certificates).
So assume the client certificate needs to be installed on forward proxy.
I am not looking for redirection from http to https for my client. From client 
to proxy it needs to be plain http in order to inspect network traffic on the 

Question 1 : is such a configuration possible using squid ?
Question 2 : if it is possible, which version of squid (to be installed on 
CentOS 7) do I need ? How would a configuration look like ?

please advise ASAP.

Kind regards,


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