On 09/04/18 00:48, kalice caprice wrote:
>> 1) It is only possible to set an IPv6 outgoing when the server being
>> connected to is an IPv6 server address.
> It doesn't matter for me, It is just a way to get a different outbound
> IPv6 address depending on which port the connection is made to, and both
> clients and servers has IPv6.
> I saw a few threads here asking for more or less the same thing except
> that I'm specifying the full address instead of implicit addressing to
> the outbound, this is where I'm stuck.
> >> 2) It is only possible for Squid to use an IP address which has been
>> allocated/assigned to the NIC.
> The NIC is a network card if I understood it right.


> The IPv6 /64 subnet
> is added to the main interface and the gateway is aswell, IPv6 is fully
> working on the server.

The individual IP address being used in tcp_outgoing_address by Squid
has to be assigned to the machine before it can generate any packets
from it. That goes for both IPv4 and IPv6.

If it is unassigned or assigned by another machine you get major
problems with packet delivery.

The config you had initially should work okay for IPv6 provided the
Squid machine has been assigned those *:8336, *:b369, and *:5fe0:eba8

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