Hey Omid,

From what I remember the basics of math to verify the patter of a specific set 
of numbers have some kind of pattern is to have at-least 3 items.
But in the cryptography world it another story.
I have not researched playstation downloads and will probably won't do that.
Others might offer some help but you must understand what you are trying to 
predict in these urls and downloads.
From what I have seen it seem that this CDN "llnwd.net" is very cache friendly 
but you need to know how to handle their traffic.
They don’t use any form of ETAG headers but they do provide some pieces of 
information in the url's that can identify something about it.
If they use a ticketing system such as couple other CDN providers you would 
need to know the "ID" of the url before it's being downloaded.
You will need more then just the urls but also the response headers for these.
I might be able to write an ICAP service that will log requests and response 
headers and it can assist Cache admins to improve their efficiency but this can 
take a while.

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Thanks for reply . 

I assumed the community at different scales from little isp to large ISPs
may have common domains like those i highlighted so they may have same issue
as mine . So i ignored common parts .

One of problems with redbot is it shows timeout for big files like 



I assumed anyone with few thousand of users may have same problem and maybe
they like to share for example their refresh_pattern or storeid to solve my
problem . You better know that playstation is everywhere playstation ;)

Here is part of storeid_db file

Almost all of the playstation huge downloads are with 206 code but it will
download the file from start to end , if i remember correctly in this
situation squid will correctly cache the file .

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