Roberto Carna wrote
> Thanks to everybody...
> I've reviewed what you tell me. I've executed "squid -k parse" and
> everything is ok, and I've restarted de Squid entire server.
> When I use the server with IP#1, it works OK, is fast....but when I
> change its IP to IP#2 (the IP from the current Squid that I want to
> replace), the navigation is very very slow, just 20/30 concurrent
> users.
> So I think the Squid configuration parameters are OK, because with
> IP#1 the proxy runs perfectly.
> Why just an IP change affected the performance of web browsing ????
> Maybe because of something relative to Dansguardian ???
> Thanks and regards !!!

From your description, this looks like a loadbalancing issue, specifically
if you are using DNS round-robin to loadbalance the 2 servers. In most
cases, users will hit the second (or last IP), because DNS round-robin works
from the bottom up.

To get away from guess work, please examine all your log files (cache.log,
access.log,...etc) they will give you a clear picture of what really

Another quick guess: a "slow" squid is usually an indication of a
"repeatedly crashing" squid, due to overload or system configuration issues.

Logs are your friend.

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