Hello list,

i run squid 3.5.27 with some special settings for windows updates as suggested 
here: https://wiki.squid-cache.org/ConfigExamples/Caching/WindowsUpdates It's 
been running almost trouble-free for some time, but for ~2 months the 
cache-partition has been filling up to 100% (space; inodes were OK) and squid 
then failed.

the cache-dir is on a 100GB ext2-partition and configured like this:

cache_dir aufs /mnt/cache/squid 75000 16 256
cache_swap_low 60
cache_swap_high 75
minimum_object_size 0 KB
maximum_object_size 6000 MB

some special settings for the windows updates:
range_offset_limit 6000 MB
maximum_object_size 6000 MB
quick_abort_min -1
quick_abort_max -1
quick_abort_pct -1

when i restart squid with its initscript it sometimes expunges some stuff from 
the cache but then fails again after a short while:
before restart:
/dev/sdb2        99G     93G  863M  100% /mnt/cache
after restart:
/dev/sdb2        99G     87G  7,4G   93% /mnt/cache

there are two types of errors in cache.log:
FATAL: Ipc::Mem::Segment::open failed to shm_open(/squid-cf__metadata.shm): (2) 
No such file or directory
FATAL: Failed to rename log file /mnt/cache/squid/swap.state.new to 

What should i do to make squid work with windows updates reliably again?

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