On 07/10/2018 11:59 PM, Kedar K wrote:

> I tried to get the request header to store id helper
> with %>h option for store_id_extras; However, I get a '-'

> store_id_extras "%>h %>a/%>A %un %>rm myip=%la myport=%lp"

> Is this expected behaviour?

No, it is not expected. Consider filing a bug report with Squid bugzilla
and, if possible, attach an ALL,9 cache.log while reproducing the
problem with a single wget or curl transaction. Please do not forget to
specify your Squid version.

If you can reproduce the problem with Squid v4 or v5, please mention
that as well.

> Wouldn't request header be available before
> sending a query to store-id helper?

Yes, request headers are available at Store ID calculation time.

> Is it possible to use combination of store_id_program helper and
> rewrite_url_program; such that the extra params from the url are used by
> store-id helper to create a store-id and then the url_rewrite program
> can strip them off before sending the request to origin server? ‚Äč

That plan would not work because the Store ID helper is consulted after
the URL rewriter:

Using custom headers is a much simpler/cleaner solution IMO.


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