On 11/5/19 4:34 AM, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
Now I have full backtrace, hopefully:

On 05.11.19 09:10, Alex Rousskov wrote:
You are making progress, but the backtrace itself is not sufficient. One
has to examine the core dump to find out transaction details (e.g., the
URL) _and_ log enough of those details into cache.log (usually at levels
much higher than ALL,2) to restore Squid state and figure out what is
going on or build a reliable reproducer. Sorry if I was not clear about
that from the start.

It does take time and some expertise to figure out what is going on.
Unfortunately, I cannot personally guide you through this painful
process right now.

I understand.

Luckily, the problem turned out to be because of squid bug #4823 reported in
debian bug #943692 (when searching month ago, debian bug didn't exist and I
haven't found squid bug that time).

hopefully the mentioed patch is safe in squid 4.6 (I have applied it and it
seems so).

hopefully we can close this thread now.
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