Figured out the problem. store.log file was over 2GB in /usr/local/squid/var/logs/ and once I moved the old one to a new name, it re-started. I disabled logging now... so we don't have this problem again. Werid thing is... it didn't rotate. I wondering if it had to do with the "space" left on /usr

-- Shane

Adrian Chadd wrote:

On Sun, Mar 18, 2007, Shane A. Froebel wrote:
2007/03/18 09:42:07|   Completed Validation Procedure
2007/03/18 09:42:07|   Validated 0 Entries
2007/03/18 09:42:07|   store_swap_size = 0k
File size limit exceeded (core dumped)


Whats squid -v show?

Whats your older squid show with squid -v?

The Squid FAQ will tell you how to fire up gdb under Linux to extract
a stack trace from that coredump; see if you can do that.


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