> Hi
> anyone know this problems :
> 1202922662.095      0 TCP_DENIED/400 1374 NONE
> error:unsupported-request-method - NONE/- text/html

Unsupported request method? yes we know about it.

Some application is making a request via HTTP that squid has not been
programmed or configured to accept. HTTP is usually GET, POST, PUT,
CONNECT, and a pile of others from teh FRC that squid can handle. There is
also an extension set (or more than one possibly) that new programs may
use defined elsewhere.

All current versions of squid (2.6+ and 3.0) have an extension_method
configuration option that you can set up to 20 of these extensions as
allowed through your squid but non-cachable.

Squid 3.1 has a major design change to accept all the extension methods as
non-special non-cachable web requests.


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