Hi all,

I need to handle the HTTPS request(443) in squid transparent proxy.

I am using squid 3.0.

http_port 3128 transparent

https_port 3129.

Forward the 80 port request to 3128 and 443 port to 3129.

In debugging mode, squid ready to handle the HTTPS requests.But not working. ( Error : take long time and time out)

And also i tried with

https_port cert=/usr/local/squid/CA/servercert.pem key=/usr/local/squid/CA/serverkey.pem

But this also not working.

Error in browser:(https://gmail.com/)

error while retrieving the url=/

In access.log   GET / - NONE/- text/html.

How to resolve this problem.

Thx in advance.

Vivek N.

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