I have configured Squid to send the log to syslog.

I Use the following configuration:

access_log syslog squid

When squid rotate de log, stop send the log messages to syslog-ng
and starts sending messages to the /var/log/message file

In syslog-ng I have de following configuration:
A program that reads from standard input the line that squid send.


source s_squid {
        # standard Linux log source (this is the default place for the syslog()
        # function to send logs to)

filter f_squid { program("squid") and match("TCP_|UDP_|ERR_");};

destination d_squid_prog {
        program("/usr/local/quota" template("$MSGONLY\n") log_fifo_size(50000));

log {


Exist another way to read from standard input the squid access_log ?

Sorry for my english.

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