On 22/11/2011 8:17 p.m., someone wrote:
I want my squid to stop serving internet at specified times

I ADDED THESE LINES TO MY CONF then ran Squid -k reconfigure

acl hours time 06:00-23:00

http_access allow hours

yet it is now Mon Nov 21 23:16:10 PST 2011

and squid is still serving up internet hot and fresh

... indicating that one of the other rules you failed to mention is allowing access.

The whole list of http_access lines is one giant test "script" to determine the allow/deny choice. Order is important. So is the full set of lines.

I didnt try completely restarting squid yet, but I have a suspicion that
wont do it either

Maybe. Depends on the type of request is being serviced. http_access only gets tested for *new* requests. Tunnels and long-polled chat sessions can continue happily for days unless something interrupts tem.

Squid Cache: Version 3.0.STABLE8<---yes I know its a bit outdated but
it works for me :)

"Works" is not really part of that equation. "Security vulnerability" and "bugs" are more appropriate considerations.


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