We are trying to configure Squid for installation in school labs in Belize, Central America where the Internet routinely goes down for several minutes and sometimes an hour at a time. We are very happy to serve up stales pages to the children for their classroom session. So we need to either: (1) Configure squid to handle such situations where cached pages are simply served stale when the Internet is down (i.e. don't have Internet to verify freshness) or (2) Have squid respond to a script that detects the Internet to be down telling it to serve up stales pages when Internet down. As configured, our Squid implementation will not serve stale pages because it tries to access the original Web site and the cached pages are not served up at all.

NOTE: We have tried "Squid Off-line mode" and that does not work as you would think as several others reported. SO ARE THERE config parameters that can make caching work in the presence of bad Internet connection?

Thank you,
Doug Karl & Mary Willette

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