On 23/11/2011 3:04 a.m., Luis Enrique Sanchez Arce wrote:
I try to configure external acl without autentication configured

external_acl_type redirprogram children=30 concurrency=10 ttl=300 %URI %SRC 

If i use the acl redir_program and the autentication is not configured the user logged is 

How can i do that with external acl. I need use external acl to modified the 
entry log with %ea variable.

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%LOGIN is for passing the autentication helper credentials to the external ACL helper. Doing a full login if needed.

For extenral ACL to produce credentials it needs to do whatever to locate them in the background and passes the username back to Squid like so:

    OK user=username
    ERR user=suername


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