I am running squid 3.1.8 (non-transparent) on a Tomato based router. I 
connect to my router via SSH (PuTTY). In the GUI I have a tunnel setup 
to forward port 444 to 3128. I have a couple of small problems that 
bother me.

1. I run a WHS on my LAN. When I am connected to the 
SSH and I type in (the WHS) in Firefox, it connects no 
problem. When I type in xxxx.homeserver.com, I get a connection refused 
(146) error. I get the same error if I type in my WAN IP as well.

2. For my SSH tunnel setup, I have 444 forwarded to This
 works perfect. If I change it to forward 444 to WNR3500L:3128, which is
 my device name, I get an "access denied" error. So I am connecting to 
the proxy, but it doesn't like it for some reason.

Any help would be appreciated.                                    

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