On 9/12/2011 9:19 p.m., Justin Lawler wrote:
Hi Amos,

Is there a beta testing process where we can be notified before a release is 
planned - so we can do some pre-release testing on these patches?

Thanks and regards,

Notifications are processed through bugzilla. With "applied to squid-X" updates going out to everyone subscribed to the relevant bug. At that time or shortly after the patch is available on the changesets page. For changes and fixes without specific bugs there is no explicit notifications, usually just feedback to the discussion thread which brought it to our attention for fixing.

Pre-release snapshots of everything (tarballs, checkpoints, dailies, nightlies, bundles, whatever you call them) are released for testing on a daily basis provided they build on a test machine. Those who want to beta-test everything on an ongoing basis usually rsync the sources or follow the series bzr branch then create bug reports of issues found there. The reports prevent me thinking the state is stable enough to tag the snapshot revision for release and creates a point for notifications back to the tester when fixed.


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