On 22/08/2014 7:14 p.m., Rafael Akchurin wrote:
> Hello Jatin,
> Unfortunately I cannot answer your question. But why would you like to bump 
> the connection when admin *explicitly* specified it as *not to be bumped*. I 
> think eCap adapter here acts as a passive beast just scanning what admin 
> tells it to, not what it thinks it needs to scan.


Jatin I think you need to check exactly what response the eCAP adapter
is producing for these CONNECT requests. The status code, content-type
header and message body all need to be in agreement to have any chance
at all of working. You may even have to use a 302/303 status to redirect
to a different URL which has the content in it.

Keep in mind also that the mainstream popular browsers simply will not
display anything except their own error pages in response to
unsuccessful CONNECT. Perhapse a bit on the extreme side, but that is
how they have chosen to prevent security vulnerabilities which have been
abused badly in the past.


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