I used havp with squid for several years, but now decided to drop havp to c-icap.

So I had

squid-havp-squid scheme.

first squid listens on port 8090, havp on 8091, external squid on 8092.
All of them are on the same host.

Now I don't need havp, but I can't get external squid work as parent , I always get
 TCP_MISS/403 from it.

1409286793.325 0 TCP_MISS/403 5150 GET http://www.gismeteo.ru/city/daily/4508/ - HIER_NONE/- text/html

If I connect to it directly- it works:

1409287034.615 72 TCP_MISS/200 16605 GET http://www.gismeteo.ru/city/daily/4508/ - HIER_DIRECT/ text/html

for havp I had :

cache_peer parent 8091 0 no-query no-digest no-netdb-exchange default

now I wrote

cache_peer       parent    8092 0 no-digest no-query default

and it doesn't work.

I can't understand what is wrong here :-(

I currently run squid 3.4.7.

Thank you!

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