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Holograms of Love

Fridays and Saturdays, August 15th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd


$10 suggested donation

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Holograms of Love is a 90-minute dark comedy following three
intertwined lives as they leap hurdles and run into walls while
reaching for the one thing they all want - love. Sophie wants to be
embraced more than anything in this world, and she's ready to battle an
army of cookies and unravel her own self deception to get what she
wants. Her ex-boyfriend Tony hides out in a sea of beer, nostalgia and
comic relief as he ducks from the women he loves to avoid while fist
fighting the ghost of his father. And as his sister Corrine languishes
in luxury and prepares for a lover who rarely surfaces, she finds
herself scorched by the afterglow of what she thought was once an ideal
love affair. Follow each character as they wrestle with heartbreak and
rise above the past to meet the road ahead.

Featuring Marisol McIlvain as Phat Girl, Saman Sagheb as Absolut Rock
Star and Vivian Giourousis as Modern Geisha
Written by Pauline Methratta
Directed by Pauline Methratta and Joanne Paris.

Call the Holograms Hotline to reserve your seat at(415) 642-1108

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848 Community Space
848 Divisadero St. @ McAllister
San Francisco

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