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Bad Movie Night Special borg9 Event

Sunday April 24th



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This flick has been called "A really really bad movie", but that's not really fair. This movie raises the bar for bad. It's Super-Mega-Ultra bad in 3-D. It's the King of Badonia - bad.
I mean how many times in your life can you watch just one movie and get Ernest Borgnine, William Shatner, Ida Lupino, Keenan Wynn, Anton Levay and John Travolta (in his movie debut) all at the same time? Bad will never smell the same.

On this special borg9 evening we bring you
a special borg9 movie to revel in the wonder that is borg9.

All hail borg9.

Let the smashing begin.

(for more information on borg9 and why you should care go to http://borg9.tribe.net/)

We're proud to announce the return of one of our favorite hosts, the aptly named Geek Boy, along with noted cut up Stuart Mangrum and resident wisenheimer, Jim Fourniadis and on backups the ridiculously hilarious Mikl-em.

Here's the official info

Sunday April 17th 8pm
The Dark Room Theatre
2263 Mission st.
btwn 18th and 19th

We 've taken all the guess work out of the age ole question, "Will this movie suck? "

It will suck.

And we 'll have a slew of hosts to point that out. Every Sunday for a measly 5$ you can put your feet up, enjoy a crummy movie, scarf down popcorn, listen to the hilarious ravings of our special guests and yes, you too can
yell at the movie screen.

We will have rotating hosts chosen from the brilliant comedic flock of freaks circling our fair city. Guaranteed bad movies. Byob. Free popcorn. Feet on the furniture. What more could you ask for of a Sunday night. We promise to have you in bed by 11pm.

Coming Attractions:

May 1st Starship Invasion
with Sherilyn Connelly, Mike Spiegelman, and Bucky Sinister

May 8th The Warriors
Single Entendre

May 15th
GOOD MOVIE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WINGS (live music to this old classic. incredible)

May 22nd Joysticks
with Jeremy W, and TBA

May 29th Rocky V
with Mikl Em, Jim Fourniadis, (and hopefully John Hell, hint hint)

June 5th Maneaters Are Loose
with Jim Fourniadis and TBA

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The Dark Room Theatre
2263 Mission St.
San Francisco

btwn 19th st. and 18th st., btwn the laundromat and the pawn shop, 3 blks. from 16th st. Bart station

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