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This Weakend at the world famous Odeon BAr

all weak

all the time

$6 or $7

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A night of country It is featuring The Juanita Family and Friends (members of Last of The Juanitas-ps Soooooooooo good!
like a girl Hank Williams of your very lonesome own) and Jenny Hoyston (from Erase Errata) will be performing solo, something
amazing im sure playing ukele. Keala Ross (from the nervous breakdowns), and Sarah Reed from The Husbands (for a song or two)

Starts at 9pm $6 little dollars
the odeon is at  At 3223 Mission

Sadie Lola Shaw

************************************************************************ *************************************
The Odeon Bar
3223 Mission Street (@ Valencia, yes they do cross)
Doors at 9:30, $7
show up early, this event WILL sell out as it did last time.

Special super-talented evening starter: The delicious Kitten on the Keys!

The Odeon Bar is proud (I hope), maybe even a little bit worried (I'd
be!)... to present, The MONSTERS OF YO-YO II! This evening's
chock-full-of-something show will be hosted by our very own David "Cappy"
Capurro The Yo-Yo King, Kiya "The Anal Space Invader" Babzani, and Doctor
"Famous Hair Model" Popular.
You will SEE amateur yoyoing and yoyo prowess by highly
seasoned veterans of the sport... you will FEEL the excitement of
watching grown men and women playing with toys on stage! you might
EXPERIENCE mind boggling yoyo tricks that will leave you wondering if
these people have friends! HEAR the lame music that they perform to
behind closed doors! WITNESS the naked touch of supple yoyoers! Show me
another bar in SF that has a fucking yoyo show THIS
stupid on a Saturday night!

The entertainment for the evening is listed in no particular order, and
may or may not include the following:

Kiya Babzani (invading your space as usual)
David Capurro (Failed entertainer)
Doctor Popular (Former hair model)
Sonny "Sorry Dad" Patrick (We like Sonny)
National Grandmaster Bill deBoisblanc (3 time national and world yoyo
Yo-Yo-Dar-Behesht Vs. Count Lasciviyo
7XL Anal Invader
The Emancipator
Damon "not Albarn" Larson
The Quarter Trick
Amateur Female yoyo contest
Yoyo giveaways
Free Shots of Fernet Branca

I would say that this show is quite odd, unlikely, unconventional, and
compelling.  This is exactly why we have/need places like The Odeon,
because let's face it... who the hell else would book us?  Join us on
Saturday night, and relive that lost and long forgotten part of your
childhood that you wish you could forget...

See you on Saturday Night!

-The Honorable Mr. Dr. Senor Diplomat Kiya the Horrible Esq. - Chief Medical Examiner

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Odeon Bar
3223 MISSION Street
San Francisco
415 550 6994

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415 550 6994

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