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Glass! Gore ! Sideshow Oddities!  A Jug Band! and MORE....

Sunday April 24



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Don't miss the triumphant return of EAK the Geek who tattooed his face like outer space, internationally infamous pain proof man of Coney Island Sideshow fame.
EAK will be assisted by miss Crystal Swarovsky, Queen of Broken Glass, and it promises to be a show to remember. You'l want to look away, but you won't be able to.
Also performing will be Professor David Apocalypse, Doctor of Forbidden Sciences. Perhaps he will do some amazing sideshow stunts or maybe he will share some treasure from his famous oddity museum or stories of sideshow life on the road with Ward Halls World of Wonders. He is a living piece of history, he is making history.
On the musical menu..
Hiroshi Hasegawas Poontang Wranglers featuring "The Commodore". " The Worlds Meanest Jug Band." Hackneyed Hillbilly music and comedy.
Ms. Esmerelda Strange. One Helluva Woman Band. She plays accordion, drums and sings all at the same time and can even do it blindfolded!
Jesse Jaundice. Formerly of the punk band Hep C; he bills himself as "the angriest man in the world". Tonight, weilding his acoustic guitar, he'll bring his show in from the streets to the stage.

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Balazo 18
2183 Misson Street
San Francisco

On the NE corner of Misson and 18th , the old Chinese Cafeteria w/ the orange awning..

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