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Comics Doing Comics: Four Performers And Their Art

Friday December 9

Gallery 8:00 Show 9:00


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Laughter On the Level and C.A.F.E Arts presents:
Comics Doing Comics: Four Performers And Their Art
Submitted for your approval: Four performers who are too funny for  
just one medium. Not only can you see their hilarious art, paintings  
and cartoons but you can see them perform their comedy live in the  
gallery! How often do you get a show like that, huh?
Friday December 9th, Doors 8:00 pm Show 9:30 pm
Only $10 cheap!
This all goes down in the Off Market Gallery, 965 Mission St.  
(Between 5th and 6th) on the ground level,

  Harmon Leon is the author of Republican Like Me-Infiltrating Red  
White Ass, and Blue Suits (Prometheus Books). Harmon writes the  
Infiltrator column for the SF Weekly, as well as penning stories for  
Esquire, Salon, NPR's, This American Life, Details, Hustler, Black  
Book, Wired, and Stuff. He's appeared on The Howard Stern Show, Penn  
&Teller's Bullshit, and The Jamie Kennedy Experiment. Harmon has  
performed at clubs and colleges around the world, including The  
Montreal Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and the  
Melbourne Comedy Festival. Harmon is low in sodium and perfect for  
the elderly.

"Sly and Wry" comedian Nick Leonard performs standup and improv all  
over the US and abroad, including the 2004 Edinburgh Fringe Festival  
in Scotland. He's been drawing cartoons on the side since he could  
manage a pen for underground press in the US and the UK. He's also  
the cofounder of the "Qcomedy Showcase" San Francisco's long running  
venue for queer and/or queer friendly comics.

  By night, Michael Capozzola is a comedian. In the daylight hours,  
he works as a freelance surveillance caricaturist, "shadowing" people  
for clients and creating exquisite pen & ink renderings of their  
covert lives. He is a contribuor to MAD Magazine.

Gravel voiced San Francisco comedian Howard Stone is not only a  
unique local favorite in his own right, he's also the star and  
producer of the long- running "Howard Stone Show", a founding member  
of "Legal Briefs" improv troupe, the "Green Room Improv Players" and  
the comedy revue "Mixed Nuts: Comics On Meds".

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Off Market Gallery
965 Mission St. (Between 5th and 6th) on the ground le
San Francisco

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