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Queer Arab Hip-Hop duo NaR at Smack Dab

Wednesday, December 21st

7:30 signup, 8 pm show


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An open mic hosted by Kirk Read and Larry-Bob Roberts, making the  
Castro safe for performance again. Bring five minutes of words,  
music, comedy or miscellany, or just come to bask in the glow.

Featured performer bio:

NaR is a queer Arab hip hop crew, featuring a girl-boy emcee duo.  
Both emcees have roots in the mountains of Lebanon. Mazen was born  
there and moved to the states as a political refugee at the age of 5,  
fleeing the Israeli invasion. Tru Bloo came up in Las Vegas, NV as a  
first-generation daughter of Syrian-Lebanese immigrants. NaR means  
"fire" in Arabic and describes our deep passion for social change and  
revolution. We believe in humanity and the liberation of all  
oppressed peoples. Although we are the first queer Arab hip hop crew,  
our lyrics focus primarily on greater political issues--not merely  
the eradication of homophobia, although that is one of our many  
struggles. We are committed to music, as it bridges cultural, social,  
and economic gaps in pursuit of the revolution-- a Revolution to  
bring Social Justice to all!!

NaR made their debut at the 2005 PeaceOUT World Homohop festival.  
They can be found online at http://www.myspace.com/hotnar

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4122 18th St. near Castro
San Francisco


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