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Last Night Santa Cruz Un-Planning Meeting

Saturday December 17th

6:00 PM


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  Will you join us for a Last Night Un-Planning meeting on Saturday  
December 17th?

You already know there's no First Night in Santa Cruz this year, so  
we're going to do it ourselves. It's our parade. It's your parade. No  
city-sponsorship. No corporate donors. We make it happen together.  
We're calling it the Last Night Santa Cruz DIY Parade (diy stands for  

Last Night is building momentum (or at least it seems like it to us).  
People keep telling us about it before we tell them. We already know  
you are going to join us on New Year's eve, right? But it'd be nice  
to hear from you if you are planning something. And even better to  
see you, meet you, shake your hand at one of our un-planning meetings.

This is where we pull this big crazy thing together, find out what  
other people and groups are planning, hatch plans, solve problems,  
and build this smaller community inside our larger one.

The next Last Night Un-Planning meeting is:

This Saturday December 17th
6pm to 8pm
Big Yellow House
742 N. Branciforte Ave
Santa Cruz

Let's get a group together. Start a marching band. Build puppets. Get  
our bicycle friends together. Form a dancing troupe. Organize our  
kid's play group. Anything and everything!

If you are trying to make New Year's eve plans, here the info you  
need: The Last Night Parade will meet up at 5pm New Year's Eve at the  
Saturn Cafe lot.

Committed so far: Art & Revolution, Village Drumming Circles, The  
Opera Lady, the Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra, the Man in Black,  
firedancers, stilt walkers, Peace Walk, Santa Cruz Moontribe,  
puppets, bunnies, clowns, and bike kids. (We'd still like to see  
Samba bands, marching bands, more music, political groups, a  
coalition of homeless folks, art cars, zombies, pirates, more kids  
and parents, and more more of everything in our community)

Last Night Un-Organizing Committee

P.S. That same Saturday at noon, join us for a Santa Cruz Trash  
Orchestra build day and practice also at the Big Yellow House. The  
Trash Orchestra, a recycled percussion marching band, will be  
marching proudly (and cacophonously) in the Last Night parade.

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Big Yellow House
742 N Branciforte Ave
Santa Cruz

South on Ocean St, left on Soquel, left at Branciforte, only house on  
the right is the Big Yellow House.

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