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Holiday Apocalypse Song and Dance Show

Sunday, December 18th

9 pm onward

$5, we'll cut you a deal if you dress as Santa

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Come down to Amnesia this Sunday for a (Christmas) Holiday Show like  
you've never seen before. I mean really you have never seen something  
like this. It might even be illegal. It's certainly unothodox. Come  
witness a host of nut wagon refugees including Mormon Ukelele  
Serenaders, Pro-Unicorn Ewok Tannenbaum Tributes, Chubette Burlesque,  
a singing and dancing dreidel, and Scandalous Santas sing the praises  
of Christmas and all those other equally important holidays too. Then  
dance your ass of to the greatest Klezmer band in all the world,  

Come early for cool jazz with Hannah Rifkin from 7 - 8 (free) and  
then holiday Karaoke at 8pm.

December, 18 2005 at Christmas is the Best @ Amnesia
853 Valencia, San Francisco, CA 94101
Cost: 5-7ish
Show at 9 pm

"Uni & Dr.Trucker present Christmas is the Best. You never knew that  
Christmas could be so retarded... thanks to our friends, gallons of  
your grandma's eggnog, and 1-900 numbers, we have created the perfect  
Christmas variety show for your viewing pleasure.

Starring the Jolly Elders, the Chainsaw Chubbettes, the Get In Shape  
Bitch Crew, Illbilly, the Air-bells, Lil' Miss Gefilte Fish,  
Ebeneeser Keester, e-woks, So so smany Santas and members of the  
Paper Dolls, Clyde, Tippy Canoe, Moxie, Scenic Sisters and Rococo  
Risque....and the Star of David on the top of the Christmas Tree is  
the Klezmer band Kugelplex.. don't ruin Christmas...be there...ho-ho-ho

December, 18 2005 at Amensia: 853 Valencia , San Francisco
Cost: $5-7
Holiday Karaoke at 8:00...show starts at 9:00"

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853 Valencia @ 20th
San Francisco
415 970-0012

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