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Book Launch: Tumultuous Times of Jesus in the 21st Century

Sunday, January 8th, 2006



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Book launch & party for new novel, "The Tumultuous Times of Jesus in  
the 21st Century," by Luke Breit.  It is the satiric tale of a God  
grown angry and impatient with modern day moneylenders who have made  
Christianity unrecognizable and turned it into the indispensable  
component of the Republican Party's extreme rightwing. You won't  
believe what God and His Son decide to do about it.

This "wholly engaging romp through the Second Coming" is part  
adventure, part religious thriller, part political mystery. Its hero  
is a Camel-smoking and Jack Daniels-drinking Jesus whose disciples  
include a beautiful Asian hooker, an agnostic political consultant,  
the world's former top supermodel and the nation's first woman/Latina/ 
Native American presidential candidate. Their adversaries? Only the  
world's richest televangelist and his henchman, an ex-marine  
assassin. It's funny, it's sexy and it will make you think.

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Sweetie's Bar
475 Francisco St.
San Francisco

Between Powell & Mason in North Beach

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