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Tuesday, January 24 - Sunday, January 29

8pm Tue - Fri; 7 & 10pm Sat; 2pm Sun


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The Simpsons do Macbeth in the 10th anniversary tour of
Rick Miller's one-man show
January 24 - 29 at the Roda Theatre in Berkeley

Berkeley, CA - California Shakespeare Theater, in association with  
WYRD Productions and Robert Friedman Presents, will present the  
return engagement of the international hit comedy, Machomer,  January  
24-29, 2006 at the Roda Theatre in downtown Berkeley.  Curtain times  
are Tuesday through Friday at 8pm; Saturday at 7pm and 10pm; and  
Sunday at 2pm.

Written and performed by Rick Miller, MacHomer is a solo tour-de- 
force in which Shakespeare's bloodiest tragedy is told through the  
voices of TV's favorite dysfunctional family in a hilarious multi- 
media performance, complete with video projections and puppets. The  
script, which is 85% Shakespeare and 100% hilarious, stars Homer  
Simpson as MacBeth and Marge as Lady MacBeth, along with more than 50  
other well-known Simpson characters. Now celebrating its 10th year   
MacHomer sold out its 2003 run at Cal Shakes' Bruns Amphitheater, and  
has played to capacity crowds across the U.S. and Canada. The show  
has toured the world to rave reviews and awards in Scotland, England,  
Australia, and New Zealand.

Following is a character breakdown of how Shakespeare's play looks  
when performed by the people of Springfield: Duncan, King of Scotland  
(Charles Montgomery Burns); Malcolm, his son (Waylon Smithers);  
MacHomer, Thane of Glamis, later Thane of Cawdor, later King of  
Scotland (Homer J. Simpson); Lady MacHomer (Marge Simpson); Banquo, a  
Thane of Scotland (Ned Flanders); MacDuff, a Thane of Scotland  
(Barney Gumble); Fleance, Banquo's son (Bart Simpson); Murderer No. 1  
(Apu Nahasapeemapetilon); An Old Man, Murderer No. 2 (Grampa Abe  
Simpson); A Doctor, Murderer No. 3, (Otto Mann); A Porter (Krusty the  
Clown); Gentlewoman (Lisa Simpson); Policeman No. 1 (Chief Clancy  
Wiggum); Policeman No. 2 (Carl); Policeman No. 3 (Eddie); Hecate,  
Witch No. 1 (The Sea Captain); Witch No. 2 (Moe Szyslak); Witch No. 3  
(Principal Seymour Skinner), Other Weird Sisters (Selma and Patty  
Bouvier) and Sideshow Bob Terwilliger as Apparition No. 4, and many  

Critics around the world have hailed MacHomer as a "a comic tour-de- 
force" that will leave audiences "exhausted with laughter."  Some of  
the international praise: "intelligent, often hilariously funny" (Los  
Angeles Times); "a masterpiece" (Saturday Night Magazine); "wildly  
imaginative" (Boston Globe); "so funny, one needs oxygen masks to  
drop from the ceiling to refill the lungs for more laughs" (Victoria  
News); "a comic juggernaut" (The Toronto Star); and "huge amounts of  
rollicking fun" (The Edinburgh Scotsman).

This creation of MacHomer was largely result of a joke. In the summer  
of 1995, Miller had a very small part (""Murder #2" to be exact") in  
a touring production of MacBeth with Montreal's Repercussion Theatre.  
"Somehow, a tragedy always seems funnier backstage than onstage,"  
says Miller, "and I spent many hours concocting this silly little  
joke for the cast party: what if The Simpsons were to perform our  
play? MacHomer!  I could draw and imitate most of the characters, so  
why not?"

MacHomer is directed by Sean Lynch, with Lighting Design and Live  
Performance photographs by Beth Kates; Costumes by Veronik Avery;  
Photography by Michael Cooper and Graphics by Craig Francis Design.  
For more information on MacHomer visit www.machomer.com or  

Tickets for Machomer are $30 to $35; for information or to charge  
tickets by phone with VISA, MasterCard, or American Express, call the  
Cal Shakes Box Office at 510.548.9666.  Additional information and on- 
line ticketing is available at www.calshakes.org.

About the Artist
Rick Miller is a Montreal-trained actor/writer who has performed in  
three languages on four continents. He has created and performed  
three award-winning solo shows: Art?, Slightly Bent, and the  
worldwide hit, MacHomer, now in its eighth year of touring. His  
latest theatrical creations are Into The Ring (a two-person play  
based on Lord of the Rings) and Bigger Than Jesus (a one-person  
exploration of Christianity). He is one of Canada's most respected  
multi-disciplinary performers with credits ranging from classical  
theatre to the avant-garde; and from musical theatre to film and  
television. He is currently working with director Robert Lapage on  
two new projects.

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The Roda Theatre (Berkeley Repertory Theatre)
2015 Addison St.


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