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Will Franken At San Francisco Sketchfest

Wednesday, January 18th and Sunday, January 22nd



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3,000 years from now, people probably won't care that much that on  
January 18th and January 22nd of 2006, Will Franken headlined shows  
at the Eureka Theatre as part of the 5th anniversary of San Francisco  

But if you're still around 2,999 years from now--you can bet that  
people will still be talking about these shows featuring completely  
different material on both nights which took place at 215 Jackson  
Street (near Battery) at the Eureka Theatre as part of the 5th  
anniversary of San Francisco Sketchfest.

Before the Transaltoid Bill of 5006 passes 3,000 years from now which  
will prohibit discussion of anything prior to the year 5006--(don't  
ask me how I know this, let's just say my life might be in danger if  
I kill myself)--people are going to be talking about two things:

1) Will Franken's shows at the Eureka Theatre as part of the 5th  
Anniversary of San Francisco Sketchfest featuring two opening sketch  
groups* on both nights starting at 8pm (Let's Go and Fries On The  
Side on the 18th and Prank The Dean and Oh, You And Your Bone Spurs  
on the 22nd)


2) Whether or not Emperor Xandurian Twilightico of the Grethgargolza  
Galaxy will succeed in passing the Transaltoid Bill of 5006,  
potentially thwarting all future conversation about the past-- 
including item no. 1 above.

Additionally, $15 will not seem a heavy price to pay for these shows-- 
considering that 3,000 years from now, Emperor Twilightico will  
require that all items and services in tangible existence be paid for  
by the purchaser's own life. You want some chewing gum? You die. You  
want your transmission replaced? You die. You want to live? You die.

Please--be part of the thing that people are going to be talking  
about for 2,999 years until it is forbidden by Emperor Twilightico  
and all conversation is brought back to THE NOW and linear existence  
becomes a thing of the past ( if the concept of the past can exist  
independent of the concept of linear existence) and space and time  
are no more and we sit and wait patiently in one condensed and  
indefinable point until the big bang happens again and we are  
scattered like stardust across a freshly re-created universe--lonely  
and voiceless in the deep vacuum of space--untethered, detached,  

Until we are joined again as one at the Eureka Theatre at 8pm on  
January 18th and January 22nd as part of the 5th anniversary of San  
Francisco Sketchfest!

To learn more about these shows--or if you have any other questions  
about role playing, Scientology, or Piers Anthony novels, please visit--


*will is honored to be considered a sketch "group" for the purposes  
of this event

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The Eureka Theatre
215 Jackson Street @ Battery
San Francisco

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