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YLEM Forum: "Biomimicry"

Wednesday, July 19, 8 pm


0-$10 sliding scale

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YLEM Forum: "Biomimicry"

Wednesday, July 19, 8 pm
  doors open 7:30 pm for open bar, "mix and meet" time

RX Gallery and Bar
(No one under 21 allowed)
132 Eddy St., San Francisco, CA 94102

Two blocks from Powell St. BART Station
Best nearby parking: Hotel Bijou, Mason St. Between Ellis and Eddy.  
Evening only = $10.

Suggested donation sliding scale $5-10
No one turned away. The donation helps our friends at the RX Gallery.
Open to the public and wheelchair accessible

Sponsored by YLEM: Artists Using Science and Technology
Main office: PO Box 31923, San Francisco, CA 94131

Contact: Trudy Myrrh Reagan, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Biomimicry, a term first coined in 1997 by biologist Janine Benyus,  
is a term that applies to many inventive new industries. It is the  
art and science of learning and using the "designs" which we see all  
around us, about copying what Nature seems to do very well. Think  
spider silk stronger than steel! What is important for a world  
rapidly depleting its resources, Biomimicry is about using nature's  
"manufacturing ideas" to be more efficient with materials and energy.  
An engineer, Onno Koelman of Pax Scientific, and a teacher of product  
design, Sue Redding of CCA, present some elegantly practical  
applications of Biomimicry.


Onno Koelman is a design engineer at PAX Scientific and has seen the  
company grow from its five original employees to over twenty-one  
strong. Since the very beginning he has been fascinated by the PAX  
story and the simplicity and elegance of natural design. He has had  
the opportunity to work on numerous products during his tenure. In  
this presentation he will review PAX's story from its earliest  
beginnings,and bring the story up to date by following two industries  
in which PAX is now poised to launch efficient, elegant, and cost- 
effective solutions - all inspired by Nature.

Sue Redding is a Bay Area Designer and Associate Professor of  
Industrial Design at California College of the Arts (CCA) in San  
Francisco. At CCA, Sue teaches sustainable design to Graphic and  
Industrial Designers. A former zookeeper, Sue developed a biology  
curriculum called: "Applied Biology for Designers and Artists." In  
this class designers are taught basic biological principles and how  
to use nature as inspiration in art and design. Redding will present  
Biomimicry examples and show how she presents the information to  
students to help them draw the link between design and biology. Sue  
will also show recent student and faculty work and show how the "New  
Organic Design" is taking hold in the design world.

Full information at: www.ylem.org

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RX Gallery / Bar
132 Eddy St.
San Francisco

Two blocks from Powell St. BART Station
Best nearby parking: Hotel Bijou, Mason St. Between Ellis and Eddy.

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