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Trebor Healey and Justin Chin

Thursday, July 26

7:30 pm


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To launch the highly-anticipated new poetry collection from award- 
winning author/poet Trebor Healey, Sweet Son of Pan, Suspect Thoughts  
Press is proud to announce the following multiple-author July Bay  
Area events. Appearing with Trebor Healey is San Francisco author/ 
performer/poet Justin Chin who will be reading from his performance  
collection Attack of the Man-Eating Lotus Blossoms.

"Trebor Healey is not only a priest of Eros and a sweet son of the  
randy god Pan, but a poet whose work would make his literary  
forebears proud. His lyrics extend Walt Whitman's and Allen  
Ginsberg's poetic missions into the twenty-first century, celebrating  
masculinity and the magnetic power of the male body, singing the  
delights of sexual freedom and sensual variety."
--Jeff Mann, author of Bones Washed with Wine

"This is an ultra-fine collection of provocative set-pieces that,  
once digested, will surely elicit feelings of missed opportunities in  
many readers. The performances are long gone, as are the time and  
place in which they once thrived. On the stage, and now in book form,  
Chin's body of work merits shelf-space alongside the best of San  
Francisco's fringe performance-art histories."
--Jim Piechota, Bay Area Reporter

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Books, Inc.
2275 Market Street
San Francisco

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