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The San Francisco Beer Olympics

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Noon to 6:00 P.M.

Free to watch - $15.00 to compete

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Can you arm wrestle while chugging a beer? How about tossing a keg  
while chugging a beer? Can you chug a beer while running in a three  
legged race? Can you chug a beer? If this sounds like the kind of  
competition for you, come on out to Speedway Meadow in San  
Francisco's Golden Gate Park where real beer chugging athletes will  
push their bodies and bellies to the limit in the 4th annual San  
Francisco Beer Olympics.

The Firestone Walker Brewery will present the "San Francisco Beer  
Olympics". The festivities starts at 12 noon.  The events are Keg  
Tossing, Arm Wrestling and  the 3 Legged Race.  The event is open to  
anyone both male and female.

You can take a look at last year's event on the web at http:// 

To watch the event is free. To enter the competition there is a  
$15.00 fee. Beer and food included. $4 of those dollars will go to  
help fund the Burning Man camp, the Black Rock Roller Disco.

Come on out and support the Black Rock Roller Disco and make your  
mark as one of San Francisco's greatest beer chugging athletes!!!  
Speedway Meadow is located near 30th Ave and JFK Drive in Golden Gate  
Park.  Enter the Park at 30th and Fulton and drive to Kennedy Drive.   
Find a parking space 'cause you're there!!!

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Speedway Meadow, Golden Gate Park
30th Ave. and Kennedy Drive
San Francisco, Ca.

Take Fulton west bound as it borders Golden Gate Park.  Turn ionto  
the park at 30th Ave to Kennedy Drive.  Look for the Firestone Walker  
Beer logos.

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