Upcoming Events on the Squid List:

  • Dragnet: We Like Boys IX - 07/22/2006

  • Shake-n-Bake: comedy walking tour - 07/22/2006

  • Tourettes Without Regrets presents The Clash of The Titans - 07/22/2006

  • Dalva Presents Paintings By Mike Russo - 07/23/2006

  • San Francisco Theater Festival - 07/23/2006

  • The New Orleans Project: A Journey of Heartbreak and Toxic Elimination - 07/23/2006

  • WOMAN'S WORK: A Solo Performance - 07/23/2006

    Upcoming Multiple Date Events (Click to View All Dates):

  • First Annual PlayRites Festival

  • InSignificant Others - A New Musical Comedy

  • Shakespeare in the Park: The Tempest

  • Lady Day in Love

    Visit: http://laughingsquid.com/squidlist/events to browse all 206 upcoming events.

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