I have never used it myself. I just wanted to help this one mailing list post, 
but of course, this commit is broken.

I just looked into the path module how it's done there, and there exists a 
struct for different transports:

```const static char *proto_strings[] = {
        [PROTO_TCP] = "%3Btransport%3Dtcp",
        [PROTO_TLS] = "%3Btransport%3Dtls",
        [PROTO_SCTP] = "%3Btransport%3Dsctp",
        [PROTO_WS] = "%3Btransport%3Dws",
        [PROTO_WSS] = "%3Btransport%3Dws",

This gets appended to the received param if needed. Then a Path header looks 
like this:

```Path: <sip:;lr;received=sip:>.```

Unfortunately I'm not able to implement that for the nathelper module as my C 
knowledge is limited to doing such trivial stuff like the commit above.

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