Here are the lines immediately after the Critical

Aug  7 22:44:11 ip-172-31-46-236 /usr/local/sbin/kamailio[9477]: CRITICAL: 
<core> [pass_fd.c:277]: receive_fd(): EOF on 30
Aug  7 22:44:13 ip-172-31-46-236 /usr/local/sbin/kamailio[9449]: ERROR: maxfwd 
[mf_funcs.c:62]: is_maxfwd_present(): parsing MAX_FORWARD header failed!
Aug  7 22:44:13 ip-172-31-46-236 /usr/local/sbin/kamailio[9449]: ERROR: <core> 
[msg_translator.c:2330]: build_res_buf_from_sip_req(): alas, parse_headers 
Aug  7 22:44:13 ip-172-31-46-236 /usr/local/sbin/kamailio[9451]: NOTICE: 
presence [subscribe.c:1291]: handle_subscribe(): Unsupported presence event 
Aug  7 22:44:14 ip-172-31-46-236 /usr/local/sbin/kamailio[9446]: ALERT: <core> 
[main.c:740]: handle_sigs(): child process 9469 exited by a signal 11
Aug  7 22:44:14 ip-172-31-46-236 /usr/local/sbin/kamailio[9446]: ALERT: <core> 
[main.c:743]: handle_sigs(): core was generated
Aug  7 22:44:24 ip-172-31-46-236 kamailio: WARNING: <core> [daemonize.c:348]: 
daemonize(): pid file contains old pid, replacing pid
Aug  7 22:44:24 ip-172-31-46-236 /usr/local/sbin/kamailio[29653]: ERROR: 
dispatcher [dispatcher.c:788]: ds_warn_fixup(): failover functions used, but 
required AVP parameters are NULL -- feature disabled

I'll grow the volume and install the latest revision on the 4.4 branch asap 
during off hours.

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